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Battery Life Saver Instructional Video


What is The Battery Life Saver electronic device?

    The BLS is our patented electronic device that brings old and weak batteries back to life, restores functioning batteries to a like new condition, and extends battery life by keeping batteries from losing capacity and life due to the main cause of battery failure: the buildup of lead sulfate. There are different models for different sized battery systems.

Why is The Battery Life Saver electronic device needed?

      75% to 80% of lead acid batteries fail prematurely because of formation of lead sulfate on the plates. These crystals cause batteries to become unusable at approximately one-third of their natural life. The Battery Life Saver electronic device dissolves the lead sulfate crystals.


How Does it Work?

     Using breakthrough square wave technology, The Battery Life Saver electronic device sends a frequency signal to each crystal of lead sulfate, causing it to dissolve into lead and sulfuric acid. This restores the battery to its original condition and allows the electrical charge to be drawn from the battery.


Benefits of Using The Battery Life Saver electronic device.

     It makes old batteries as good as new. It keeps new batteries like new, saving time and money. With The Battery Life Saver electronic device, more power is available from your battery and you need less power to charge it. By reducing the number of batteries that get thrown away and put in landfills, The Battery Life Saver electronic device protects the environment. To see the different models, click here.

What types of Battery does the BLS work with?

The BLS will work with any type of lead acid battery, AGM, Sealed, Gel and flooded. Examples of applications include: golf cart batteries, RV batteries, traction batteries marine batteries, forklift batteries, truck batteries, solar system batteries among many others. Please contact us if you have any questions, 727-446-8400.

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